Presently each of the top ten rated shows among African Americans features predominantly black casts. A majority of African Americans state that they pay more attention to commercials that run during African American-oriented programs. Television advertising that targets the African American market is estimated to be $4 billion per year.

African Americans are, economically, the largest and fastest growing ethnic market in the U.S. The African American market represents more than 39 million people, more than 17 million households and more than $700 billion in buying power (or two out of every three minority dollars spent).

African Americans spend nearly $4.5 billion per year on cable television services. African Americans are also the nation’s fastest growing group of on-line subscribers and represent 25% of the nation’s Home Box Office® and Showtime® subscriptions.

African Americans are television’s heaviest and most loyal viewers, watching 77.4 hours of television per week, 40% more than any other group.  Yet, none of the currently available news channels rank among the top 20 rated networks for African Americans.